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HereVal pic‘s how to make every one of your guests love your Wedding and rave about it for years.

If you are planning to have a celebration of a life time on your Wedding day, then this may be the most important piece of information you will read during your quest for a perfect Wedding.

Often the Entertainment for Wedding Receptions is given little budget and attention. Now think for a moment….

Do you want to be another Couple added to the Wedding Music Regrets list? You put all the time and money planning your Wedding, you don’t want your guests are all there ready to have a great night and it’s yawnsville.

Here’s where DJ Davis Weddings can help, 10 reasons to book DJ Davis Weddings….

  • You can feel certain in your choice as I am a Specialist in Wedding Entertainment, Weddings are all I do – No need to worry about an over the top performance that doesn’t match the elegance of your Wedding.


  • You will have a Wedding Entertainment Expert and a Certified Wedding Planner helping you plan everything entertainment for your Wedding – You can relax knowing that you are in safe hands.


  • You will have the one person looking after you all the way. From your first Enquiry to say good-bye as you get in the car at the end of your Reception – All your special requests and unique requirements will be 100% acknowledged and remembered.


  • You can feel confident, knowing that I use High Quality Professional Equipment with backup on site – This means that the music will not be too loud during dinner but loud enough for Speeches and dancing.


  • You will be able to enjoy your Wedding, stress-free – With as many Planning meetings as you need, we will plan how your reception will go and I will be there making it happen. If any little hiccups occur I can suggest a solution based on our planning.


  • You will have peace of mind knowing I offer an amazing FUN Wedding or its FREE Guarantee – Know that I will do everything possible through my entertainment services to make your night a success.


  • You have as much or as little creative control as your like – You can pick all the songs or tell me a feel you want, such as ‘Byron Vibe’ and I will make it happen – Saving you time to focus on other areas of your wedding planning.


  • Your guests can requests songs based on your predetermined ‘Do not play’ list – Meaning they will dance like they have never danced before and have the night of their lives.


  • You will experience your Wedding, not busy making sure it’s going to plan. – You will feel like a guest at your Wedding as I will keep you posted on what’s happening and you won’t have to even think about it.


  • My goal is to completely blow you away, to exceed your expectation. For you to call me when you are back from your Honeymoon to tell me it was the best night of your life and you want to do it all over again because it was so amazing.


When you are DJ Davis Wedding’s Couple you have three options:


My Style

You are a Couple I would love to work with if you:

  • Are Fun-loving
  • Enjoy socialising with your Family and Friends
  • Love to laugh and joke around
  • Are truly in love with each other and super excited to be getting married
  • Want to share your special day with loving Family
  • Enjoy music, both listening and dancing to it
  • Willing to put in the small amount of work required to make your Wedding unbelievably fun
  • Want your Wedding to be worth all the time, emotional energy and money you have put in to it
  • Know when you put your hand up for help

The Weddings I do are NOT:

  • Corporate Events, Birthday Parties. I specialise in and ONLY do Weddings
  • One where the DJ/MC will be embarrassing your guests by dragging them on the dance-floor and given them blowup guitars.
  • Over-Produced Rock Concert style Receptions with smoke machines, wind machines, laser shows and enough flashing lights to cause an epileptic fit
  • A place for me to be the centre of attention and steal the show. Its your day and its ALL ABOUT YOU
  • Cookie Cutter, the same as any other Wedding


Van Middleton - Wedding PhotgrapherI believe that Weddings are an amazing celebration that out of the thousands of people you have met in your life that you have found ONE PERFECT PERSON for you. Anyone who has experienced that knows how wonderful it is and those that are still to experience it, dream about it continuously. It’s what all Romantic Comedy Movies are based on.

You are making an amazing change in your life and your Wedding Reception is a celebration of a new chapter in your life and you deserve to start that new chapter on a high note.

You deserve the night of your life and it’s my mission to make that happen.