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Q and A: Will you set up a sign / Banner at my Wedding?

No, it’s your Wedding not a way to advertise my business.

My goal is to impress you (and your guests) so much that you will tell everyone about me.

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Q and A: Can I provide a ‘Do not Play’ list?

Definitely YES. In fact I suggest it, if there are any songs that you do not want to hear at your Wedding I want to know what they are.

I will also ask you questions about what you put on your list. For example, if you just dislike The BackStreet Boys or all 90s Boy Bands.
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Q and A: Do you take guest’s requests?

Of course I do.

However, there are restrictions that you impose. I will not play a song requested by a guest if it’s on your ‘Do not Play’ list or a song that is completely not in line with how you want your Wedding to go.


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Q and A: When will you arrive at my Wedding?

The time I arrive for your Wedding depends on the Venue, so I will work with your Venue to determine that.

All you need to know is that I aim to be setup before your guests arrive and that me rolling my equipment in will not impact on your ceremony if it is in the same location.
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Q and A: How do the deposit and balance payments work?

Your deposit of $1,000 is due once you receive the confirmation and invoice from me. You have a 7 days cooling off period but from there your deposit is non refundable.

The remaining balance is due 30 days before your Wedding. Payment plans are available just chat to me about what is possible.


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Q and A: What do I need to provide you with on the day?

The Entertainment Agreement you complete to become a DJ Davis Weddings Couple details all my requirements. these include:

  • Power Point
  • Room for my equipment setup
  • Access to the Venue before to setup and time to pack up at the end of the night.
  • Few other minor points

I DO NOT need to be provided a table or chair, I bring everything that I need.

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Q and A: How do I choose and provide my songs?

Providing songs

All songs will be provided by DJ Davis Weddings unless they are unique original songs (such as recorded by a mate’s band) or specific culture songs that are not available in Australia. DJ Davis Weddings subscribes to Professional Music Subscription services which means that the Artists of the songs played at your Wedding are correctly compensated for their work.

Choosing Songs

The couples I have worked with range from providing every single song to just requesting a feel (eg. Byron Vibe) and every where in between. I am here to offer you as much help as you need, I am just a phone call away.I have a number of Wedding Music Lists which past Couples have found very helpful.

In regards to getting your list of chosen songs to me, I accept any method:

  • Entered into the Music Request sections of your Online playing account
  • Sharing Spotify Playlist
  • Screenshots of Itunes Playlists
  • Hand written sent as a photo on the phone.
  • Anything that works for you.

As an Expert in Wedding Music I am here to help and offer advise to make your Wedding Planning that little bit easier.

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Q and A: What happens once I book?

Once your a DJ Davis Weddings Couple you will be giving access to your Online Event Planning Account which is the central point for planning your fun Wedding. It contains planning forms, music request system and payment gate. Now, don’t get overwhelmed with all that I will provide you with all the instructions and Video Tutorials you will need.

In regards to planning meeting, the norm if for them to occur:

  • 6 Months before
  • 3 Months before
  • 10 – 14 Days before.

However if you require more planning meetings because we are planning some extra special and exciting things for your wedding, then that is not a problem. I limit the number of Weddings I do each year to around 40 so that each Couple gets the attention they deserve.
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Q and A: Do you require a meal?

I DO NOT require a meal. I appreciate any offer for a meal but I must decline.

The real reason I don’t want to be provided a meal is I am a Control Freak. I want you to experience my best performance and after years of performing at Weddings I know what I need to eat and when to eat it.

Look at it this way, after you eat a lovely main meal that tastes wonderful, you feel like relaxing and letting your body deal with a full tummy. This is when I need to be switched on for Introducing the Speeches and getting set to kick off the dancing. So eating when I choose lets me control my focus so it is at its peak during your reception.

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Q and A: How do I book DJ Davis Weddings?

The first step is to check if your Wedding Date is available. Due to popular demand and limited dates it always a good idea to get in as quick as you can, especially if you Wedding is on a Saturday.

If your Wedding Date is free, the next step is to meet in person. I believe you should meet and get along with the person that is going to be a major part of your Wedding Reception. We will talk about your Wedding in more detail. I will get to know you more as a couple, (like what you do for fun and what you have seen at other Weddings) based on that I can offer some really cool and unique ideas just for you.

During the meeting you will be given an Entertainment Agreement, if you want to go ahead with hiring DJ Davis Weddings you just need to compete the details and return it to me. I will then send the deposit details and once that is paid, you are all set to have an unbelievably Fun Wedding.

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