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Brian Davis of DJ Davis WeddingsBrian Davis, Master of Ceremonies, Disc Jockey, Wedding Planner and proud owner of DJ Davis Weddings is one of Australia’s highest trained, experienced and knowledgeable WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT SPECIALIST.

And YEP you guessed it… is completely obsessed with everything entertainment and weddings!

His advanced and highly sought after knowledge comes from over 14 years of experience in private event entertainment as well as numerous entertainment industry training such as:

  • Stand-up Comedy Workshops
  • Wedding MC Workshops
  • Storytelling Workshops
  • Audio Editing Courses and
  • Lots of Books on Weddings and Entertainment

Prior to specialising in Wedding Entertainment, Brian worked for numerous DJ Businesses in Brisbane in addition to his own business’s events. He has performed at every kind of event you can think of, from Fashion Shows to Car Salesman Christmas Parties.

But now, he focuses his talent and skills to provide Couples with a Wedding that is totally unique and fun right till the end.

Brian will creatively make sure that anything you want to happen at your Wedding will be fun and a success. Past examples include:

  • Editing Songs to fit perfectly with your walk down the aisle
  • Using a video of the proposal to introduce the groom for his speech
  • Highlighting married couples that are your guests
  • and many more

He LOVES what he does and gave up a successful Accounting Career to pursuit and just love to pass his passion and knowledge onto you.

 And the more chilled version….

Want to know a bit more about me? The casual, relaxed, more personal version?


Well my wife and I got married in October 2014. Which gave me a really insight into what really happens while planning and during a wedding. The biggest surprise was how fast the night goes by.

We live in Brisbane where I work from my home office with the Manager of Office Distractions, our cat Tully.

When I rebanded my business and began only performing at Wedding in 2012 I had no idea that the business would grow so large. I just wanted to meet amazing couples and help them with their Wedding celebrations.

I know from my own experience of going to BORING events, how important finding the right entertainment is. Entertainment that will actually listen to what you want AND deliver a night that is perfect for you.

If you want a FUN AND STRESS FREE Wedding at which you will feel like a guests at then DJ Davis Weddings is for you.

I have made it my duty to ensure that EVERY Wedding is Fun, whatever your type of fun is, and if it’s not then my entertainment services at your wedding are FREE.

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I would love for you too, to have a fun Wedding of your dreams.

I hope to hear from you soon….

Much Love

Brian Davis

Owner of DJ Davis Weddings


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